5 Big Things Marketers Need To Do In 2017

5 Big Things Marketers Need To Do In 2017

5 Big Things Marketers Need To Do In 2017.  It is 2017 and a very good start for new things so there are some interesting things that marketers have to start doing.

Big things number #1

Marketers should start using their data for something other than their reports.

big thingsIt is not a secret that data is very important for marketers and a lot of companies are investing in analytical tools to get an idea what customer experience is like.

But it is very important that the companies start doing something else with all those numbers. They need to have a meeting once a month to talk about what those numbers are saying and predicting about the future campaigns. After discussing that, they need to start thinking and coming up with new tactics that will be based on their data.

Big things number #2:big things

Start creating videos that people want to watch! 

All these years have shown that people are enthusiastic about videos and that the videos are the future of marketing itself. The problem of today’s world is that not a lot of companies have actually figured out what people really want to watch. The thing is it seems that it all something to be shown off in YouTube.

Big things number #3:

Marketers should build an Instagram strategy

big things

The thing is that nowadays Instagram is very popular and by saying that we mean VERY popular. In 2017 marketers should think of some ways to fit Instagram content into their marketing strategies. Using that will give them more audience and more clients in the future.

Big things number #4:
Marketers should talk to Salesbig things

There are a lot of companies whose marketing is head-down. There is almost no communication between marketing and sales, the success of the clients and the product itself.

Sales is very important when it comes to handing content to prospects. Marketing in 2017 should begin meeting on a regular basis with sales to be sure that everything is perfect. If not, there is a high risk that you will create message and content that is going unused.

Big things number #5:
Marketers need to do everything to make social media interesting

big thingsIt is very important that in 2017 companies start doing something that not a lot are doing. They should poke fun. This can be done through social media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. People are on there the whole day. That attracts attention and, why not, some loyalty. Social media gives companies the opportunity to create their personality. Not a lot of people do that so the customers are interested when something like that happens. Marketers need to take their message and think how they could turn it into social-friendly material. They should join conversation, share their knowledge and start interacting.

In 2017 the marketers need to weigh the success and the failure of the previous year before they start doing something else. It is very important not to forget what was working before, because sometimes people are so concerned about some New Big things that they forget what was successful.

2017 is time to optimize.

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