The Difference Between Sponsored Content and Native Advertising

What is native advertising and how it differs from sponsored content?

The two terms “sponsored content” and “native advertising” are often misused by people, sometimes they are even used interchangeably. But actually they are actually two different terms.

When going deeper into these two concepts – sponsored content (advertorial) and native advertising, one can find a number similarities between them:native advertising

  • Both native advertising and sponsored content are paid forms of content.
  • Both native ads and sponsored content are part of content marketing.

 The main difference between Native Advertising and Sponsored Content

  • As can be concluded from the name, native advertising contains some promotional elements; hence advertising itself has to convince somebody to do something rather than to provide some information. Though at first sight it may look like an ordinary article, but it can subconsciously drive to an action or contain some promotional data about a company or a business. Native advertisements are a kind of newspaper advertorials for the digital age.

So, native ads strive to convince, while sponsored ads is focused on informing rather than convincing or promoting a brand. Native advertisement examples include:

  • Some articles or any texts containing elements of promotion,
  • Content or article linking directly out to the advertiser’s website
  • Any videos, slides or images biased towards a brand
  • The primary forms of sponsored content were advertorials and paid posts on blog websites. In time sponsored content:  on the contrary, sponsored content is not focused on convincing or advertising; it is rather aimed to informing. There are certain limitations on the sponsored content but benefits are also temporary.

The sale and delivery of online advertising, the systems and procedures designed for their implementation are what ad operation revolves around.

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Advertisement Example – Mondelez Signs a Deal with Fox?

Advertisement Example – Mondelez Signs a Deal with Fox! Not the first time on the planet of digital marketing does the company initiate bargains with corresponding media platforms to contribute the innovative ad templates to curtail the commercial scramble. The new story is between Mondelez signing a deal with Fox Networks Group to found a more customer friendly advertising experience. advertisement example

Really on point advertisement example that evolved just to deliver the true message to the targeted audience.  Pervading its use of TrueX for Mondelez was part of the package deal. That was the advertising operations platform fox started working with in 2014 only, again, to engage audience. This allowed users to experience and engage with one ad at a time at the top of the program so that the latter can be followed by a more detailed content.

advertisement example

Advertisement Example – Why to overwhelm the user with numerous ads?

Why to overwhelm the user with numerous ads with overload of content when you can provide them with the one they are searching followed by the detailed description they will need. And this changes companies implement do not necessarily crack the media budget. The intended amounts are quite enough to cover the expenses. Where there is no fraud or it is limited and the focus is on selecting digital players where people are involved and are checking out the content this system will work just fine.advertisement example

Advertisement Example

…choosing the right partner to  do further deals with is very important if you are aiming the tops which you should…


In the world of constantly evolving digital marketing and mass media choosing the right partner to  do further deals with is very important if you are aiming the tops which you should. Accountability and transparency are essential when you are investing in digital marketing; you have to know people are interested in the content that is being put out there on your behalf promoting your product. Providing quality and premium content is where the investment should be made in.

advertisement example

Advertisement Example – Fox did preserve income!

Mondelez invested in cooperating with media platforms who work hard on engaging users who are not that easy to reach in terms of getting them engaged with commercials.

Fox did preserve income i.e. revenue while offering advanced consumer experience and decreased loads.

Reevaluating the State of Ad Servers (Part 1)

DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) having been the basis of our articles,Ad inventory we consider it important to once again touch
upon the subject of ad servers. Factually, DFP itself is an ad server. There are many other ad servers too but according to the degree of popularity DFP is the most highly required one.

Reevaluating the state of ad server as it is, the main aim of the ad serving systems has remained the same i.e. storage of ad information and its delivery to one or more websites.

Main Functions of Ad Servers

The functions that ad servers carry out are as follows: ad servers

  • Management of advertising space
  • Uploading of advertisements and rich media
  • Ad trafficking
  • Ad targeting – This implies behavioral targeting                               or contextual targeting
  • Generation of statistical report
  • Tracking ad displays
  • Tracking and counting ad clicks

Advanced Features of Ad Servers ad servers

Some other advanced features include:

  • Frequency capping i.e. setting a limit to the amount of times a user sees the content
  • Ad sequencing/surround sessions
  • Search Engine Optimization

The latter two points of the first list i.e. tracking ad displays and counting ad clicks are realized via the so called third party ad servers. However, reevaluating the state of the ad server, the unstoppable pace of technology growth has proved that the need for third party has been eliminated.

Types of Ad Serversad servers

Again coming to the point of reevaluating the state of the ad server, we consider it outdated to subdivide ad servers into publisher and third party ones because of the above mentioned reason.

Instead we differentiate between two other types of ad servers which are hosted and self-hosted ones.

The former implies that the ad server is run and preserved on the site of its owner company the latter are installed and maintained on the server of the publisher.

DFP is a hosted ad server.