6 Ways to Increase the Popularity of Your Online Ad

6 Ways to Increase the Popularity of Your Online Ad

If you are running an ad campaign, you are most certainly thinking how to increase the popularity of your online ad. One of the most important elements of your online ad is surely the creative. However, writing a persuasive and engaging copy for the banner of the ad is quite challenging.

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Here are the 6 ways to increase the popularity of your online ad with the help of a good banner ad copy.

#1 Clearly define what you are selling

In order to present your product to the audience that does not have any idea about you and your company, you first need to understand your product yourself. Increase the popularity of your online ad by thinking what your actual product is and what services it has to offer.

#2 Imagine that you are the person reading the ad

Putting yourself in the shoes of one reading your ad is a great way to understand your audience. After understanding the emotions and concerns of your audience, you will be able to write an ad that will catch attention right away.

#3 Evoke curiosity

To make your ad more engaging, you can use phrases like “How to…” or “How do I …” in the headline of your banner ad copy. This way reader will be willing to continue reading your ad and might also consider purchasing your product. Do not forget to include words like amazing, super, excellent that express strong emotions.

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#4 Write about the benefit

If you want the audience to purchase your product, you need to define clearly the benefits that they will receive.  Customers want to know what the direct benefits from your product are, and thus including it in your banner ad copy will most certainly increase the popularity of your online ad. However, you also need to be cautious, as credibility is another factor to increase the popularity of your online ad. Offer and write about servic you can actually provide.

#5 Define your strengths

Understand how your product is different from the one of your competitors, and why do consumers need to purchase yours. Brainstorm about all the possible characteristics that describes your product. Sit down with the blank sheet of paper and write down everything that comes to your mind. You can also look at articles, magazines or books to come up with some ideas.

#6 Combine all of the steps above

Take your time to work through all of these steps and do not worry if you come up with more than one banner ad copy idea.  Writing a good copy is a challenging and time-consuming process, with this steps and diligent works, however, it is definitely feasible to increase the popularity of your online ad.

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