Header Bidding: Everything Publishers Need To Know

Header Bidding: Everything Publishers Need To Know

Header Bidding is a brand-new approach to website advertising that helps publishers choose the best price for available ad spaces through auction. Different demand sources that “compete” for the same inventory hold the auction.

You’ll ask – why should the publishers implement Header Bidding?

how does dfp workThe answer is as easy as 1+1. In this way the publishers are able to get more money and have additional income.
The usual ad server such as Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers selects its buyers based on the rankings through the sequence which is the “waterfall” problem that Header Bidding removes.

When there is an available space on the publisher’s website, Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers offers the inventory to the direct-sold ads and if a place is still available, then it offers the inventory to the top-ranked ad exchange.

Although the ranking is based on such factors as the quantity that a certain ad exchange buys, high rankings not always create the highest revenues. The publisher might not be aware of higher rates that the new supplies offer because of the “waterfall” effect.

So, the publishers suffer considerable losses because of this sequential process.

But which are the advantages of the Header Bidding? header bidding wrapper

In contrary to the above-mentioned things, Header Bidding allows several demand sources with various histories and rankings to make a bid for the same inventory at the same time. The auction is held not only for the impressions that are left after the direct sale, but for all the available ones. This bidding process allows more demand sources to buy the place and the publishers can freely choose which bid is more beneficial for them. According to estimates, just one bid source is able to increase the publisher’s income at least by 10 percent. The advantages of this program are proven by the fact that 150,000 publishers are willing to install Header Bidding per day.

Even though the answer to the question why should the publishers implement Header Bidding is as easy as 1+1, the implementation and utilization process is quite complicated one. Wrong installation, management and monitoring can cause such a problem as latency. That is the least thing that the website owners want. Success and additional income come with the right monitoring.

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