DFP Training

DFP training was my first step to success and higher revenues! (Martin L.; 32)

After the DFP course, I do not need to go a boring office and earn simply to survive. I make money, a lot of money! (Linda G., 29)

The DFP training enhanced my knowledge of DFP ad management system. You guys have been great! Thanks! (Kenneth R., 41)

DFP Training

Our DFP Training will give you enough skills to manage Ad operations via DFP

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DFP (opened as DoubleClick for Publishers) is an ad management software which helps you manage your ad trafficking in the most optimized and efficient way! What’s trafficking? Basically, it’s the technical setup of your ad campaign. So what’s……?????

The answers to these and other questions will be available within the framework of our DFP training. By registering for our courses, you will get the chance to undertake the classes organized by highly professional and certified DFP specialists, with years of experience in their back and increase your revenue faster than you can say “Oops!”.

DFP Training Description

So, what will you learn basically? The answer is simple:

  • placing up ads on your website,
  • monitoring the number of people who saw or clicked on them,
  • and at the end calculate the money you have earned.

To put in short, you will be armed with all the knowledge necessary for your ad trafficking optimization and thereafter- higher and higher incomes.


Course Procedures

After registration, we will…

  • provide you with knowledge of Ad management and trafficking;
  • design a personalized course ( based on your existing knowledge, needs and skills);
  • proceed with the DFP training, unless you have a complete understanding of how to better manage your ad trafficking via DFP.

Course Outcomes

So, after the DFP training you will be able to…

  • individually create your ad inventory;
  • efficiently manage your website’s ad trafficking;
  • competently maximize your revenues;
  • buy yourself a new car or whatever you’ve been yearning for since the Ice Age!

Given that all DFP-related aspects will be presented in the most comprehensible and detailed manner, you will get the deepest insights and best practices into the area. If necessary, you will be given supplementary materials as well.

Note that DFP training is not for office workers only. There are no professional, age, gender or other discriminations here. Shall you want to undertake DFP training from the very beginning or simply enhance your knowledge of DFP ad management system, you are at the right place and at the right time!

Upon completion, we guarantee the quality and practicality of the DFP training course. So, don’t waste your time on hesitation! Pick up your phone right now, register for the training and become a DFP expert with us!