Audience Targeting – Key to Revenue Maximization

With the increasing popularity of online advertising, one of the most important things to keep in mind when using digital advertising as key strategy for your business is the deliberate audience targeting.

audience targetingNowadays, online advertising has become an important way to create brand awareness, increase sales and maximize revenue. One of the reasons that online advertising has become so popular is its ability to share product information with anyone without any geographical boundary. Nonetheless, this freedom to spread information that online advertising allows is not always beneficial.

The market for almost every product has become unimaginable versatile and differentiated. Thus, implementing general approach by assuming that all audience segments can be equally interested in the product that you offer is no longer an option.  Trying to deliver product to every available niche is incredibly difficult and inefficient.

On the contrary, the right audience targeting gives clear ideas as to whom you business should serve and what message it should deliver.

For example, social media allows you to target audience based on demographics, location, hobby, and behavior. Groups are created based on users’ internet surfing history, and only ads that are relevant to their interest are shown. This results in higher yield for lower cost and thus increase the return on investment.

audience trageting

Here is another example of targeted advertising, that engage the most relevant audience by choosing users based on their online behavior. Imagine that your company only specializes in selling eBooks. For you, the most efficient way to manage your advertising spend will be to target your online advertisement to only those who visit websites like Goodreads or Scribd.  This will not only significantly increase the sales, as only already interested customers will approach your website, but will also reduce your advertisement spending.

There is yet another reason why the audience targeting maximizes revenue.  It allows saving time, energy and money significantly while writing content for advertisement. If you know more about the audience for whom you are going to write, the writing process itself becomes easier and requires fewer people and consequently less money.

Therefore, the audience targeting is beneficial for both companies that advertise their product, and customers that are interested in the product. It increases the effectiveness of online advertising and enables a better use of advertisement spending.

6 Ways to Increase the Popularity of Your Online Ad

If you are running an ad campaign, you are most certainly thinking how to increase the popularity of your online ad. One of the most important elements of your online ad is surely the creative. However, writing a persuasive and engaging copy for the banner of the ad is quite challenging.

online ad

Here are the 6 ways to increase the popularity of your online ad with the help of a good banner ad copy.

#1 Clearly define what you are selling

In order to present your product to the audience that does not have any idea about you and your company, you first need to understand your product yourself. Increase the popularity of your online ad by thinking what your actual product is and what services it has to offer.

#2 Imagine that you are the person reading the ad

Putting yourself in the shoes of one reading your ad is a great way to understand your audience. After understanding the emotions and concerns of your audience, you will be able to write an ad that will catch attention right away.

#3 Evoke curiosity

To make your ad more engaging, you can use phrases like “How to…” or “How do I …” in the headline of your banner ad copy. This way reader will be willing to continue reading your ad and might also consider purchasing your product. Do not forget to include words like amazing, super, excellent that express strong emotions.

online ad

#4 Write about the benefit

If you want the audience to purchase your product, you need to define clearly the benefits that they will receive.  Customers want to know what the direct benefits from your product are, and thus including it in your banner ad copy will most certainly increase the popularity of your online ad. However, you also need to be cautious, as credibility is another factor to increase the popularity of your online ad. Offer and write about servic you can actually provide.

#5 Define your strengths

Understand how your product is different from the one of your competitors, and why do consumers need to purchase yours. Brainstorm about all the possible characteristics that describes your product. Sit down with the blank sheet of paper and write down everything that comes to your mind. You can also look at articles, magazines or books to come up with some ideas.

#6 Combine all of the steps above

Take your time to work through all of these steps and do not worry if you come up with more than one banner ad copy idea.  Writing a good copy is a challenging and time-consuming process, with this steps and diligent works, however, it is definitely feasible to increase the popularity of your online ad.

In-stream Video Ads

Video advertising is gaining popularity day by day. Although video ads take only 6% of the total internet ad revenue, it is quite a promising field. The digital video ads have gained popularity with the introduction of digital video ad type called in-stream advertising.

Video ads

In-stream video advertising is similar to TV commercials and is used to target younger generations that no longer actively use television. The idea is similar to TV commercials, however, in-stream video advertising is usually shorter. They appear before, during or after a particular internet video. In-stream video ads interrupt’s the online video only for 15 to 30 seconds.

There are 3 main types of in-stream video ads:

  • Pre-roll
  • Mid-roll
  • Post-roll

As you might have already guessed, Pre-roll video ads are shown before the video loads. Mid-roll ads are similar to commercial breaks and are shown during the video content. These ads do not need to be shown only once, and they can repeat depending on the length of the online video. Finally, post-roll ads are shown only after the internet video.

video ads

Obviously, the Post-roll in-stream video advertising is the least effective one, as the viewer is no longer engaged in the content and can easily skip the ad.  Pre-roll video ads are more effective, as they obligate viewer to wait for the content to start. The most beneficial one, however, is the Mid-roll video ads as they completely pause the video, and the viewer is more likely to watch the whole ad in order to continue watching the content. Moreover, because there is an option for Mid-roll ads to appear in video overlays that are inserted in the top of the video, Mid-roll ads are considered to be more efficient.

You might ask “What are the benefits of In-Stream Video Ads?”

Well, the biggest benefit is that it looks less like usual advertising. This way viewers are willing to engage with the content more. In-stream Ads, just like any other advertisement, also benefit the video provider.

video ads

Because In-Stream Advertising is only about 15 to 30 seconds, they are a great way to brand the product. However, there is also usually an option to skip the ad after 5 seconds, so the ad must have a short message, and engaging content.

You can also direct traffic your ads to content on your website and get customers to engage further with your brand. But again, it is important for the traffic to be a director to relevant pages. Otherwise, the viewer would not want to continue researching your website.

In-stream Advertising is considered to be a future of digital advertising. It has all the potential and benefits of TV Advertising.

Types of Digital Ads That Every Marketer Should Know

Digital Ads have forgone a significant advancement since their introduction. They have transformed to a type of art that marketers experiment with trough creative processes. Nowadays, there are three major types of digital ads that marketers are using to spread the awareness of their products.

digital ads

These are the types of Digital Ads that every digital marketer should know:

  • Concept Ads
  • Content Ads
  • Commerce Ads

Let’s first discuss what are the Concept Ads and what role do they play in digital advertisement

digital ads

Concept Ads are used to boost interest and drive awareness of the advertised products. They are the first thing that digital marketers do to engage consumers. They make the first impression of the product and are meant to be memorable and create the desire to purchase the product. The forms of concept ads can be various:

  • Pop-up ads
  • Videos
  • Commercials
  • Billboards

Based on studies conducted to measure the efficiency of the concept ads, the longer the ads are in view of the target audience the more efficient the brand lift will be. It is also shown that this way it is more likely for consumers to remember and recall the brand.

Another type of digital ads that every marketer should know is called content ads

digital ads

Content Ads are the continuation of the concept ads. Their primary role is to turn the interest generated by the concept ads into desire. Content ads help consumers to understand the product thoroughly by providing content that is easy to engage with. They are often delivered in

  • Stream of assets in a vertical ad format
  • Stream of content (social media like Facebook )

The effectiveness of content ads is measured by page views, social actions and the time consumers engage with it. However, to gain the best out of this ads, marketers usually pair content ads with other types of digital ads.

The last type of digital ads that every marketer should know is Commerce ads

digital ads

Commerce ads are the dominant ones in digital marketing. You will certain come across one while browsing the web. They are usually not so creative or engaging, but they offer specific content to the targeted audience. It is argued that commerce ads are the most effective types of digital ads, as their effectiveness is easy to see. The success of commerce ads are based on the amount of clicks that the ad received and the times the product was purchased.

It is hard to judge which type of digital ads is the most efficient one. It is also difficult to say which one the marketer should choose. However, the one thing is certain—the combination of concept ads, content ads and commerce ads is the beneficial solution.




Best Features of Ad Networks that Increase Your Revenue

New to this industry you might wonder what exactly Ad networks can offer to BETTER monetize your inventory and increase your revenue. What are the best features of Ad Networks to accelerate the process and optimize the yield? These are the questions we have the answers to. All the efforts you put to promote your website and/or make your blog popular will pay off.

Best features of ad networks

Firstly, you can deal with various types of ads CPM – Cost per impression ads and CTR –Click through rate ads each having individual sets of benefits and restrictions. You can guess judging by the names that some ads pay for clicks, others pay for actual purchases. The number of clicks on a video is a source of generating revenue as well.

Best Features of Ad Networks. Hint #1

Now, if you have a large audience who constantly reads your content and the click through rate on your website is high, the ad networks that pay for impressions are quite beneficial for you.  Called CPM these ads reward you for every 1000 people that your website provides the ads with

.Best features of ad networks

Best Features of Ad Networks. Hint #2

For beginners in this business, you need to ensure there are no minimum traffic requirements. The key here is to enter the business no matter how small your view count is. This Ad Network will be your chance to start and change the network along the way if you feel the necessity.

Best Features of Ad Networks. Hint #3

If the Ad network gives you the choice to make profits both through CPM ads and RevShare ads this is a key to choose this particular Ad Network. Accordingly, your profit will grow sustainably with the increasing rate of your CPM ads.

Best Features of Ad Networks. Hint #4

RevShare (Revenue Share) ads are what you should be looking for in ad network features if you have a high CTR ad rate. A hint here would also the ad network publisher history; if the network provides service to publishers that are the leaders in their industries.

best features of ad networks

Best Features of Ad Networks. Hint #5

Does the Ad network you are examining have an option of evolving social media as an advertising tool simultaneously having popular CPM ad framework. Besides, your ad network has control over the kinds of ads appear on your website.

Best Features of Ad Networks. Hint #6

Last but not least, if the ad network uses rich media content that enables to customize ads to increase the performance of your ads both for desktop and mobile users you are looking at the right place. No matter how high your traffic rate is if the ads don’t look their best your efforts will go to waste.

To sum up keep in mind, most ad networks do the job, yet to make the best of it take into consideration the strong sides of your website; your view count and click through rate. The best features of Ad networks optimize your online business performance only when enhanced by the qualities your website has.