DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM)

DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM Google )

What is DoubleClick Bid Manager? What functions does it carry out? Sticking right to the subject, DoubleClick Bid Manager or DBM autonomously conducts prearranged reports, as well as manages the data transfer files and gives access to those files or reports only to those accounts which should be following the progress.

DoubleClick Bid Manager, often referred to as DBM, is an essential programmatic buying platform providing precisely targeted reach to customers. Thanks to DoubleClick Bid Manager, you get access to the most high-ranking inventory and real-time insights to generate higher revenues.

Key Features of DoubleClick Bid Manager are: 

doubleclick bid manager


  1. Precise Targeting and Optimization Tools – Discover new customers according to their demographics, interests, objectives, etc. First-party, third-party, or proprietary Google data, and contextual targeting will allow you to reach the right audience. Your campaign goals are measured up by Google’s Proprietary Algorithms.
  2. One Access Point – You can choose, plan, determine, and purchase top-tier media from one integrated interface avoiding duplicate buys, frequency enhancement, and increase reach.
  3. Streamlined Cross-Screen – Campaign management is streamlined thanks to conjoined buying and targeting workflow. DoubleClick Bid Manager allows reaching customers on any device with device-aware tags, HTML Support, and mobile-targeting.
  4. Premium Video Inventory
  5. Industry-Leading Fraud Protection – premium anti-fraud technology ensures you get what you pay for.

Use Real-Time Data and Combined Insights to Define Your Target Audience! doubleclick bid manager

Define your target audience with real-time data and combined insights! DoubleClick perfect and open platform allows you to manage and divide audience data from any source. Use Google’s counteragent technology for Bidding, Targeting, and Optimizing.

Monitor Cross Screen Campaigns

DoubleClick Bid Manager is an exceptional tool to generate, run, and deliver campaigns across desktop, mobile, and video, in one place. Campaign management is now simplified.

Think with Google – Measure What Matters Most

Now, DoubleClick Bid Manager enables you to monitor the performance of your ads that are to be shown to the target audience, even if they have changed their perceptions, and the further actions they take. To reach performance goals just make adjustments in real time.

That is to say, Double Click Bid Manger or DBM provides scheduled reports and adds them to Google Cloud storage for you to have access. This feature is implemented by the Double Click Bid Manger in your favor, streamlining the whole process of reporting; respectively helping you work faster, smarter and better on this unique ad platform.

Double Click Bid Manger covers all the operation necessary for the implementation of this process including:

  • Creating a project
  • Setting up access to Cloud Storage
  • Providing access to your data

With Double Click Bid Manager our company can finally introduce outstanding offerings in this marketplace.  Double Click Bid Manager gives all the help and guidance to the customers thus helping you make more sophisticated buying decisions and enabling your team to reach the target audience and future leads.

To be more exact, the format, the audience, the scope, the targeting and every other minute detail is to be paid attention to. The main questions that derive from the previous statement is for marketers to wonder how they can implement this more efficiently and how to spend the resources on different yet relevant channels in the right ways – and these are also the questions that double click bid manager has answers to. You might have different channels to spend your resources on but keep in mind – you have one customer. Double Click Bid Manager will ensure you use all those channels to reach that one customer appropriately.