Create DFP Ad Manager account

Create DFP Ad Manager account

DFP Ad Manager users have always been satisfied with Google Ad Manager services, considering them the best methods possible for their website’s ad trafficking optimization and generation of sky-reaching revenues.

Before we start with how to create a DFP account, let’s not forget that Google Ad Manager is a Google Certified leading FREE ad management platform that provides quality service to publishers aiming to promote and monetize their website. Yes, anyone can sign up for DFP and one in no way has to be a IT specialist to get through the process since we are here to assist you through every single step you need to take to get it started.

The procedure to create DFP Ad Manager account might sound daunting yet here is the solution to your problem. It won’t take you long.

  • To master Google Ad Manager and develop your web site’s ad performance start by signing up for Google Ad Sense if you haven’t done that already.
  • Meanwhile open the DFP Ad Manager main page on a different tab. Before you go on with creating your Google Ad Manager account, make sure to verify your account (you will be given instruction that you are to follow).
  • Then you need to prioritize the language, time zone, country, and currency that relate to you.
  • Only after that you can accept the term and local settings to continue. Since you cannot make changes in those settings after you’ve chosen them and verified, we suggest you think twice before selection process.
  • Again, the classified fields of country, time zone, etc are not open to change after submission. Note that other settings such as receiving notifications and alerts, however, can be altered later on.


Now since you have verified your Ad Manager account and are all set, you can start creating orders, ad units, and line items to reach out to the publishers and have their ads run on your website.

To sum up, all you had to do to create a DFP Ad Manager account was to verify your Google Ad Sense account, select your region, time zone, language preference and currency. Not to mention the terms and conditions you were to simply agree with. Spending a couple of minutes to complete this you will then become a brand new DFP user with a perspective of expanding your chances to make profits while providing your inventory to publishers.

The absolutely free of change registration process will then grant you the opportunity to reach out to the publishers directly, take their orders and wisely use the available space on your website to make reasonable revenues.