The Top Online Marketing Trends Dominating 2016

The Top Online Marketing Trends Dominating 2016

Online online marketing trends 2016marketing trends 2016 were complicated with their beauty and discrepancy, but those who are eager to keep up with the latest online marketing trends, strive to keep up with the unimaginably fast pace. Each year, new companies and industries make attempts to  adapt  to the newest technologies and online marketing trends,  in order to make sure they reach their target audience and satisfy their demands. And those who adapt, they have the upper hand.

…2016 was an amazing year for online marketing, and online these marketing trends 2016 were predominant throughout the year…

Online Marketing Trends 2016 – ATTENTION! Smartphones Dominated Personal Computers (PC) 

Last year Google announced

…Mobile traffic overtook desktop traffic in most developed countries…

This means that most optimized websites only for smartphones are acceptable for Google. Looking back at previous years, newly created websites should be based on desktop-optimized websites in order to satisfy Google’s terms. But as we can see now, most of us today substituted smartphones with desktops which made website developers to make websites more compatible with smartphones, rather than desktops.


Online Marketing Trends 2016 – Video Ads Dominated Online Marketing Trends 2016

We have all seen video ads on YouTube that keep popping up every time we try to play our favorite videos. Since YouTube is a social platform, it promotes hosting billions of advertisements such as Facebook and Twitter. Thus YouTube overtook Facebook in hosting ads with its users getting more compatible in using YouTube with its ads.

Online Marketing Trends 2016 – New Optimization Launched By Digital Assistants Online Marketing Trends 2016

The classic way to promote your website and get seen by others is the usage of search engine optimization (SEO) and Pay per click (PPC). With the rapid development of the digital market, most users are now utilizing other searching methods such as Cortana and Siri. The key here is to make your website compatible with these digital assistants to make sure your website is accessible in every way possible.


Online Marketing Trends 2016 – Mobile App Indexing 

Online Marketing Trends 2016
2016 will be the year where most website owners will seek other mediums to get access to their crowds. Google permits mobile friendly website even without having a desktop version of it since people now tend to use smartphones. In that matter, mobile apps will even take over mobile friendly websites in the upcoming years because it’s easier to navigate and more efficient to use.

With that retrospective complete, you are to evaluate how your online campaigns changed and how it fared in this new online marketing environment.

Did you hit your targets for the year?

Did you successfully execute what you intended?

If not, don’t consider it a failure; instead, try to trace your underperformance back to a root cause (or causes) so you can plan an even bigger, better, more effective campaign in 2017.

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