Optimization of Website Ad Inventory

Optimization of Website Ad Inventory

Advertising is the leading source of revenue for every internet publisher around the globe. On the other hand, few websites have managed to set up reasonable subscription plans for paid content as an alternative. These sites can be anything about sports, fashion or business. In spite of that, advertising is the leading business drive to most media portals with a strong focus on attracting and bringing in more consumers that can satisfy the users on a regular basis. Optimization can generate revenues based on CPM and CPC.


The most mainstream way of ad sales on the internet are CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and CPC (cost per click). It’s really difficult for publishers when they have to plan to manage both. The solution for this problem all depends on the ad server’s efficiency as it allows the ad delivery and ad space management. The traffic usually fluctuates on the publisher’s website especially on weekends because most visitors access websites on weekdays (Monday to Friday).

Optimization of Website Ad Inventory – Use Ad inventory forecasting & campaign prediction tools

To increase sales and keep away from underdelivery of campaign plans, publishers should take advantage of ad inventory forecasting and campaign prediction tools.

Ad inventory forecasting, displays how many ad impressions are free for sale on your site. It is a necessary information of what placements you can offer to your advertisers with different volumes available for them. When receiving quotes from advertisers such as frequency capping and geo-targeting, publishers can see if a certain campaign can be delivered. While, ad inventory prediction tools will prevent any risk getting to your campaign plans. The best part of Adserver system is that it will alert you beforehand if something cannot be delivered and there will be time to regulate your plans.

Optimization of Website Ad Inventory – Improve Your Ad Space Performance


Website publishers should not hesitate to resize, move or erase ad placements based on their previous CTR (click through rate). Ad placements are more effective when they are moved up on top of the page, since it enhances publishers in screen visibility. Replacing ad placements can lead to a total click on site which means an increase in revenue.

Optimization of website ad – Increase total revenues

Online publishers should execute the usage of optimization of Adspace based on CPM (cost per thousand impressions). On top of that, publishers can modify the split of ad inventory for different campaigns based on CPM statistics. This gives more flexibility that can generate a lot of revenues to the publisher.

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