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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

I am sure most of the internet users are familiar with Google, Yahoo, and Bing, which are search engines, that  are used to search for whatever people are looking for such as shoes, books, flight dates, and lots of other information. But if you’re a web page promoter and have contents for people to look up for it, you execute essential ways to reach your target audience.  You’re probably thinking now what is SEO ? Well SEO stands for search engine optimization which is the process of getting traffic on from free, editorial, and organic search results through search engines.

what is seo

However, if your content or web page is on search engines, it does not necessarily mean that your target audience will find your page easily since there is this one particular thing called ranking. If your page has high ranking, you will be more viewable to your target audience

What is SEO – types of SEO success elements

Not all SEO factors guarantee great SEO success if you have very poor content on your web page. As well as having an excellent HTML title and many links, would not help you increase your rank if your page content is poor. However, utilizing several key factors can increase your chance of success.

  • On-page success elements

This element is in total control of website’s publisher. It depends whether the publisher has good content on his website. If the website has good HTML indications that help search engines and users to determine relevancy.

  • Off-page success elements

This factor is the opposite of on-page success elements since the publisher does not have any control but instead, search engines have control of it.

  • SEO violations element

Publishers should always keep a close eye on not trying to trick search engines into trying making them believe the fake relevancy of their site. If search engines find out, that website’s ranking will fall unhesitantly.


what is seo


What is SEO – Content and Search Engine success

Content is the most important element in having a successful SEO ranking. So the first and most important thing you need to do to get your content right, and once you have done that, you have built a solid foundation in SEO. Moreover, High-quality contents ensure engagement with the consumer and help create high traffic to your website instantly. Once you have high traffic on your website, you can sign up for DFP Small Business that can generate revenues from ads getting placed on your website with the help of a highly experienced DFP Consultant.


What is SEO – Link Quality

what is seo

Link quality is essential in conquering spaces on search engines. What is SEO doing with this links? Well SEO picks the best links that are available in their search engine databases and place them in the first place of search results.


Build Relationship With Consumers Through Programmatic Advertising

Don’t ignore your consumer since it is proven that programmatic advertising and intent data can assist you perceive your consumer’s needs and build further relationships with them.

One of the most significant differences in the digital world is that companies should build a relationship with their consumers. Why? Because this helps the company for truly understand the consumers’ needs and deliver them the best service possible.

Most businesses have adopted the usage of social media to reach their audience, but programmatic advertising can be an effective tool to manage consumer relationships. After all, it’s always different what people say and what people want on social media, but programmatic advertising is here to predict adequately what consumers do.

Programmatic Advertising – What you need to hear

When businesses target consumers with irrelevant advertisings or follows them from sites to sites, it can effect on their relationship level with their consumers. Sometimes spending tons of effort on something that you think it may help you (such as irrelevant ads) can hurt severely on their outer picture.

programmatic advertising

However, by using a smart strategy, and a productive implementation platform that permits marketers to match high-fidelity data about the consumer with implementation around as many devices, creative formats and highly qualified publishers and applications as possible, programmatic advertising can be highly productive relationship building factor.

You know why? It’s because programmatic advertising allows brands to assemble and react against the intent signals consumers give off as they make their path around the web and, thanks to mobile devices, they help to make their way around the world.

Programmatic Advertising – Predict Consumers’ needs

programmatic advertising

Intent signals are the search data, demographic information, and purchase behavior and geolocation based data that assist brands in predicting what a certain consumer might need any time in the future.

The best thing about intent marketing is that it understand the difference between an individual searching for a printer three months after having been in the market to search for a rental office and that individual searching after browsing blogs about which perfume is best to wear for a valentines dinner.

Programmatic Advertising – What You Have to Take From This Article

Weakly targeted ads can most probably intersect with the right consumer, however, most of the time they would not. In the meantime, they will drive away their consumers. But when implementing programmatic advertising and intent data which focuses on building a healthy relationship with their consumers can encourage relevance and most importantly engagement.

What does Ad Operations mean

Ad Operations, in other words, online ad ops, Ad trafficker, ad ops manager, or digital operations, is the system that intends to sell and delivery of online advertising. More particularly, it is a work method that ensures the selling and targeting ads to the browsers.

ad operations

Online advertising or ad operations are a part of the advertising industry that takes care of electronic communication promotion and marketing techniques. This includes banner ads, rich media advertising, email retargeting, SEO, mobile device advertising and much more. These advertisements are the core form of revenue to the industries

So what is Ad Operations?

Ad operations is a section in digital content publisher, ad network, ad technology provider (such as DoubClick AdExchange). These functionalities especially DoubleClick AdExchange ensures thirty to fifty percent increase in revenues compared to Ad Sense. Through placement of ads on websites, publishers/website owner generate an enormous and rapid amount of revenues. Also similarly, one of the most important functions of ad operations is to complete the order of sale, i.e. ad campaign. These objectives can be completed through direct marketing executed by the advertisers. Therefore, ad operations team is responsible for generating revenues through hard working and handling these areas of online advertising.

ad operations

Ad operations team also as part of their job (if required), should be responsible for other functions as research, ad ops management, and most importantly pricing. Furthermore, they are also responsible for keeping ad networks and their ad servers or any other types of technology up-to-date in order to adapt and survive in the digital market world. It might seem to you that, ad operations team’s job is difficult and complicated, but wait! It gets more complicated when the ad operations team should take care of the ad buy that is purchased by the clients that want to run a certain amount of advertisement through insertion order.

More specifically, This can be consisted of different roles such as ad campaign managers, ad traffickers and much more. In addition, there are several roles that are not related to ad operations teams such as sales planners, sales engineers, and project managers. These roles fall under sales team.

Is Traditional Advertising Dying?

There is a huge chance that traditional advertising is dead. Since the early nineties, it is dying out since the internet took control of advertising and with the introduction of digital marketing. Although, regardless of less implementation of traditional advertising, most marketing analysts argue that it will never go away and will be stuck here most of the time. Moreover, Advertising is key to drive forward the advancement of digital marketing and there are few experts in which can drive revenues to most publishers in the online world.

traditional advertising

In this article, I want to look carefully at the critical issues that traditional advertising is facing nowadays instead of saying that it will go away without giving any physical facts.

What is Traditional Advertising?

Traditional advertising is the content of a message, instead of its format. In other words, it makes clear attempts to lure its clients to buy its products with no any other intentions. On the other hand, we can state that digital advertising can be count as traditional if it implements same way of positioning to its target audience. In other words, we can say that traditional advertising is also the advertising medium such as billboards, radios, and TV commercials.

How Could Traditional Advertising Die?

It’s quite impossible to define death in terms of hitting low numerical thresholds. To put more simple for you, most people agree that VHS tapes are dead and no one uses it anymore after DVD players came out. However, there are still many individuals who use VHS tapes regularly, and there is no conclusive point at which VHS usage is dead. Was it the point at which VHS players were outnumbered by DVD players? If that’s the case then traditional advertising may have already died, based on spending statistics.

traditional advertising

There is not a real fact of traditional advertising dying out. It will be counted as dying if less than half of all industries find a form of traditional advertising and more than half of all industries find a digital marketing strategy.

Why Digital Advertising is The Future

Advertising has evolved a lot through the usage of the internet in the last two decades. Now on the internet we have virtual product placement, social media promoting marketing and much more innovations that let the old marketing industries to adapt and learn new tricks. This helps them to change from Advertising to digital advertising. In this article we will display you how important changes has been made in the digital advertising industry.

digital advertising

So first we’re going to take a look at the old classic digital marketing tools. Although, some have been changed into new platforms such as social media.

The Centerpiece of Digital Advertising

• Banners and sidebars

Ad placements, such as the banners embedded in a page of content, is the core of digital advertising. If you look to the bottom right of this article, you will most likely see an ad placed there because that’s one of the ideal spots that still gets views no matter what. Some websites, who feel that their ads are not getting viewed, they tend to go back to old habits such as the pop-up to catch the viewers’ attention. However, this option always disrupts the viewing pattern.

• Ad Server Market

Yet, to get in more details about Ad spaces, these ads were served differently a decade ago, compared to nowadays. Now, many online publishers offer ad inventory that lets advertisers to pay per click instead of pew view. This option ensures advertisers that the viewers are interacting with the ads.

digital advertising

The technology behind ad servers went through a significant development to absorb more user data to improve the accuracy of the ad by demographic and location.

• Content Marketing

digital advertising

Content marketing has changed so much that now it rebranded itself to native advertising. It still works the same way as it used to by putting a marketing message behind its contents and make that content interactive to the audience. Rather than placing an ad on relevant content, content marketing supports an industry to make relevant content that helps its business. On top of that, content marketing is a big part of digital Advertising today since it gives a different and more interactive approach to the viewers. Most companies use content marketing to boost their business. For example, every shoe store websites will have content on how to buy the perfect shoe, but having an implicit message that you should buy from their store.

Optimization of Website Ad Inventory

Advertising is the leading source of revenue for every internet publisher around the globe. On the other hand, few websites have managed to set up reasonable subscription plans for paid content as an alternative. These sites can be anything about sports, fashion or business. In spite of that, advertising is the leading business drive to most media portals with a strong focus on attracting and bringing in more consumers that can satisfy the users on a regular basis. Optimization can generate revenues based on CPM and CPC.


The most mainstream way of ad sales on the internet are CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and CPC (cost per click). It’s really difficult for publishers when they have to plan to manage both. The solution for this problem all depends on the ad server’s efficiency as it allows the ad delivery and ad space management. The traffic usually fluctuates on the publisher’s website especially on weekends because most visitors access websites on weekdays (Monday to Friday).

Optimization of Website Ad Inventory – Use Ad inventory forecasting & campaign prediction tools

To increase sales and keep away from underdelivery of campaign plans, publishers should take advantage of ad inventory forecasting and campaign prediction tools.

Ad inventory forecasting, displays how many ad impressions are free for sale on your site. It is a necessary information of what placements you can offer to your advertisers with different volumes available for them. When receiving quotes from advertisers such as frequency capping and geo-targeting, publishers can see if a certain campaign can be delivered. While, ad inventory prediction tools will prevent any risk getting to your campaign plans. The best part of Adserver system is that it will alert you beforehand if something cannot be delivered and there will be time to regulate your plans.

Optimization of Website Ad Inventory – Improve Your Ad Space Performance


Website publishers should not hesitate to resize, move or erase ad placements based on their previous CTR (click through rate). Ad placements are more effective when they are moved up on top of the page, since it enhances publishers in screen visibility. Replacing ad placements can lead to a total click on site which means an increase in revenue.

Optimization of website ad – Increase total revenues

Online publishers should execute the usage of optimization of Adspace based on CPM (cost per thousand impressions). On top of that, publishers can modify the split of ad inventory for different campaigns based on CPM statistics. This gives more flexibility that can generate a lot of revenues to the publisher.