Google DFP – What is DFP?

Google DFP – What is DFP?

Google DFP (Double Click for Publishers) is advertisement software run by Google as a service application. It is an ad server that helps different types of companies to rule their businesses from the online perspective by allowing publishers to sell ad space on the website more effectively and increase advertisement revenue and share in the market.

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DFP also provides a variety of tools for managing the sales process of online ads.  Google DFP as a foundation of a publisher’s digital advertising business enables to:

  • Effectively differentiate your inventory by the help of comprehensive targeting capabilities
  • Easily traffic a range of rich media campaigns
  • Decrease costs and saves staff time
  • Make adequate decisions with advanced forecasting and decision-support tools.
  • Amend campaign performance and create for clients superior value with granular reporting.
  • Get the largest return from your indirectly sold ad space with the DoubleClick Ad Exchange
  • Create a sustainable, high-class service organization that has industry-leading reliability, and flexible application program interface (API) for flawless and consistent integration.

Google DFP – DFP Small Business

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DFP serves for different publisher’s needs, thus comes in two different versions. DFP Small Business provides ad serving and management for growing publishers who prefer self-managed and ready-to-use ad management solution. DFP Small Business offers an absolute toolkit to easily sell ads directly to advertisers, with the help of developed such features as:

  • streamlined ad trafficking •    inventory management    •    revenue optimization•    granular reporting      •    advanced forecasting   •    ad delivery

DFP also helps publishers to get the maximum amount of money from selling inventory through partners like AdSense and Ad Networks. So, its main purpose is to ensure the greatest possible profit.

DFP vs. Other Ad Serversgoogle dfp

Google DFP has various advantages compared to other ad insertions

  • DFP requires fewer codes, and it is easier to maintain
  • DFP code once created can be used forever
  • DFP makes it possible to serve own promotion
  • DFP utilization enables publishers to rotate ads and banners
  • DFP does GEO targeting, by delivering content that will be more appropriate to the website visitors
  • DFP checks and compares impressions of other advertising companies
  • DFP implementation enables publishers to integrate Google AdSense in the ads and maximize the revenue


google dfp

BuzzFeed is an internet media company that focuses on digital media and digital technology in order to provide the best possible content. As BuzzFeed has grown very fast, and its advertisement impressions multiplied by an extremely high rate, dependability, creditability and power of DFP’s infrastructure has been crucial to company’s success. DFP has become a trusted platform for ad serving and inventory management. “Ad serving is one of the few things we outsource because Google’s DFP does it well,” explains Eric Harris, Buzzfeed’s Executive Vice President of Business Operations Eric. “DFP provides the scalability and reliability that enables us to focus on what we do best, and it gives us the credibility that comes with working with the industry leader.”

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