Ad Trafficking – The DO’s & DONT’S

Ad Trafficking – The DO’s & DONT’S

These tips will help you to navigate through the world of ad trafficking. There is no time for trial and error because relatively it is time-consuming and can effect on your revenue. Our resources can assist you to increase your revenues, managing a successful campaign, and most importantly maintain a high standard on the market. By perceiving our catalog, if you are an expert on a newcomer to ad trafficking and ad operations, you might learn techniques that can come handy to you.

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The Do’s of Ad Trafficking

1. Ensure that all line item data and orders, entered into the ad server, accurately match the IO (line item values, advertiser, naming conventions, CPMs, etc)

When running many indirect partners (network, SSPs, exchanges) check priorities, pass backs, network settings, CPMs.
2. Before booking campaigns, check available inventory. When the campaign is sold, instantaneously reserve ad server inventory.

3. Place all new creative/tags on a chosen test page, that impersonates your live environment, for thorough QA

4. After the campaign launch, within 1 hour check the ad server to confirm clicks are tracking, and the impressions are serving.

5. 24 hours after lunch, check 3rd party system, and compare deliverable with 1st party ad server

6. Take screenshots and send to advertiser immediately after lunch

7. Set up weekly 1st and 3rd party automated reports.

8. Set up campaigns to deliver evenly throughout campaign duration.

9. Approve all “performance optimizations” with advertiser/agency before making adjustments within the ad server.

10. Be active in pointing out campaign performance “highlights” and “lowlights” with an advertiser and provide suggested optimizations.

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The Don’ts of Ad Trafficking

1. Don’t activate a campaign and let it run on autopilot

2. Do not set up “indirect” advertising as guaranteed inventory. Do not activate a campaign and let it run on “auto-pilot”.

3. Do not set up “indirect” advertising as guaranteed inventory.

4. Do not make revisions or optimizations without a new IO.

5. Do not serve 3rd party tags without testing.

6. Do not assume the agency/advertiser/network’s creative is up to spec.

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