Internet’s Most Effective Ads – Retargeting

Consumers on the digital advertising platform always get pulled towards different advertisings, and because of that, the overall click rate is about 0.06 percent. To break it down for you, that is one in every 1,667 display ads get clicked. Don’t lose hope! Why? Because targeting those people who have previously interacted with your brand is more likely to get your click, versus targeting those individuals who are extremely unfamiliar with your brand. To learn about this all, you should sit down and get introduced to the art of retargeting.


For now, we will display your three different categories, in order to know basic steps for starting a campaign.

Display Retargeting



It is a Simple image or text-based ads that populate common banner-placements all over the internet. It is a simple text-based or image ads that are triggered when you visit a particular website that is coded with pixel. For example, let’s say you visit to find soccer shoes, after that, you will likely see a banner for soccer shoes for the next several weeks. Moreover, bigger industries use more advanced methods by using dynamic retargeting ads, which uses HTML5 or Flash to feature the exact product an internet user has browsed before on the industry’s website.

So you’re probably thinking right now, how can I purchase display ads? Through using Google Adwords which is the most used platform in online advertising. Also by signing up to Google Adx you can reach to premium advertisers that can lead to higher revenues.

Social Retargeting




Through the popularisation of social media, nowadays it is easier to reach your target audience through social media. For example, Facebook offers to users retargeting feature called custom audiences. So to implement this option, you should drop tracking code on your website or better yet upload your email marketing list. This will help Facebook to serve to Facebook users who are familiar with your industry. With using email, Facebook ads can track visitors across all different devices.

Email Retargeting

Email retargeting is almost the same as email marketing. All you have to do is message people who have or haven’t visited your website. You can improve the quality of your emails by putting good gestures and positive behaviour to engage further with your audience.


How Digital Media Operation Team Navigates Agencies Into Success

Digital media can be frustrating sometimes, but looking it from a professional perspective, it helps us to come up with the next best business model ever. Agencies are always busy with thinking about coming up with strategies, products, and ideas. So the question is, how do these agencies improve themselves through using digital media?

digital media

Few agencies think that the best way to improve their agencies is through trading, planning or strategy which in the long run can attract mass amounts of clients. Although in the advanced digital media marketing world the most advantageous way to improve is through operation, i.e. digital operations.

Digital Ops team runs digital marketing technologies in order to operate digital campaigns effectively while collecting data. Furthermore, digital ops team provides technical assistance and bits of advice to go through the digital media market in today’s digital world.

So looking at this checklist, you will get notified what suggestions you should execute in order to navigate in today’s digital landscape

Digital Media Operation Team Should Be on Point

digital media

In a given agency, the digital operation team should be the most intelligent people and up to date with the digital media across the digital advertising landscape. Here we are not saying that the given agency should only focus on improving their digital operation team because an agency is also composed of other team members such as administration, customer support, and technicians. If one of these groups deescalates, the whole agency might suffer.

Have Different Groups of Tech Pros And Digital Media Op team

To become an expert in your field, the digital operations team needs to be the best in other fields. This includes traffickers, SEO experts. Following the order, the agency should also have an expert social media promoter and improve the ranking of the agency in the digital media spectrum.

Digital media Op Team Should Learn To Adapt

digital media

The digital operation team should realize that adaptation is key in surviving and advancing in today’s contemporary technology. Some basis should not be changed in order to keep a certain standard in this field. Technology can change thanks to the rapid discoveries in the tech world quickly, and what we should do is to build an effort to be on the first row in these epic discoveries.

Ad Trafficking – The DO’s & DONT’S

These tips will help you to navigate through the world of ad trafficking. There is no time for trial and error because relatively it is time-consuming and can effect on your revenue. Our resources can assist you to increase your revenues, managing a successful campaign, and most importantly maintain a high standard on the market. By perceiving our catalog, if you are an expert on a newcomer to ad trafficking and ad operations, you might learn techniques that can come handy to you.

ad traffikcing
The Do’s of Ad Trafficking

1. Ensure that all line item data and orders, entered into the ad server, accurately match the IO (line item values, advertiser, naming conventions, CPMs, etc)

When running many indirect partners (network, SSPs, exchanges) check priorities, pass backs, network settings, CPMs.
2. Before booking campaigns, check available inventory. When the campaign is sold, instantaneously reserve ad server inventory.

3. Place all new creative/tags on a chosen test page, that impersonates your live environment, for thorough QA

4. After the campaign launch, within 1 hour check the ad server to confirm clicks are tracking, and the impressions are serving.

5. 24 hours after lunch, check 3rd party system, and compare deliverable with 1st party ad server

6. Take screenshots and send to advertiser immediately after lunch

7. Set up weekly 1st and 3rd party automated reports.

8. Set up campaigns to deliver evenly throughout campaign duration.

9. Approve all “performance optimizations” with advertiser/agency before making adjustments within the ad server.

10. Be active in pointing out campaign performance “highlights” and “lowlights” with an advertiser and provide suggested optimizations.

ad trafficking

The Don’ts of Ad Trafficking

1. Don’t activate a campaign and let it run on autopilot

2. Do not set up “indirect” advertising as guaranteed inventory. Do not activate a campaign and let it run on “auto-pilot”.

3. Do not set up “indirect” advertising as guaranteed inventory.

4. Do not make revisions or optimizations without a new IO.

5. Do not serve 3rd party tags without testing.

6. Do not assume the agency/advertiser/network’s creative is up to spec.

Guide To Outsourcing Ad Operations

Outsourcing has been a huge trend in online advertising field. For many companies, either small or big, outsourcing ad operations make a big leap in progressing in your business and encounter large revenues throughout executing objectives.


When should companies start outsourcing ad operations?


Managing ad campaigns can be very time-consuming and overwhelming for the accounting team. For that reason, campaign executions can be left for entry level employees so the higher professional team can handle higher level tasks. Also, when there is shortage of employees, outsourcing ad operations can be executed immediately

Analyzing a campaign is also a time-consuming procedure, similar to executing. There are two parts: analysis and reporting.

Similar to campaign execution, reporting consumes a lot of entry-level employee time. With the rising arrangements of online marketing, clients now are demanding more features of a campaign be supervised.

Campaign analysis necessitates the attention of high – level employees who are qualified and capable in online marketing. Also, Agencies have to spend a lot of their resources in order to stay prominent in online marketing data.

What functions should you start outsourcing in terms of ad operations?


Quality assurance in an ad server is a major factor for outsourcing because top qualified companies contain experts who can execute the job smoothly. So handling outsourcing to adequately picked companies will help you not to lose even a single penny, because once you manage underqualified people, you will lose revenue while trying to teach them ad trafficking.

Benefits of outsourcing your ad operations

To scale professionally, an agency should not only focus on attracting new businesses but also meet the needs of our new clients. Hiring every business that we encounter can damage the company in the long run.

Concerning revenues, when highly leveled employees spend their time on such low-level tasks, agencies would not receive any benefits in return because they are busy with such operations. So these kinds of operations should be handed to entry-level employees, and revenues will inevitably go up.

2016 Internet Marketing Tips That Will Shape The Internet

The internet marketing business is complex with its beauty, but it’s exciting for those who are curious to keep up with its trends. Each year, new companies and industries always try to adapt to the newest technologies in order to make sure they reach their target audience. And those who adopt, they have the upper hand. This year seems amazing for internet marketing, and with these internet marketing tips, it will give you a clue how the digital world would look like.

internet marketing tips
Internet marketing tips – attention! Smartphones will dominate personal computers (PC):

internet marketing tips
Last year Google announced that mobile traffic overtook desktop traffic in most developed countries, This means that most optimized websites only for smartphones are acceptable for Google. Looking back at previous years, newly created websites should be based on desktop-optimized websites in order to satisfy Google’s terms. But as we can see now, most of us today substituted smartphones with desktops which made website developers to make websites more compatible with smartphones, rather than desktops.


Internet marketing tips – video ads will dominate

internet marketing tips
We have all seen video ads on Youtube that keep popping up every time we try to play our favorite videos. Since Youtube is a social platform, it promotes hosting billions of advertisements such as Facebook and Twitter. Thus Youtube soon will overtake Facebook in hosting ads with its users getting more compatible in using Youtube with its ads. On top of that, now Google owns Youtube so expect infinite ads in the upcoming years!

Internet marketing plans – new optimization will be lead by digital assistants

The classic way to promote your website and get seen by others is the usage of search engine optimization (SEO) and Pay per click (PPC). With the rapid development of the digital market, most users are now utilizing other searching methods such as Cortana and Siri. The key here is to make your website compatible with these digital assistants to make sure your website is accessible in every way possible.
Internet marketing plans – Mobile App indexing will lead

internet marketing tips
2016 will be the year where most website owners will seek other mediums to get access to their crowds. Google permits mobile friendly website even without having a desktop version of it since people now tend to use smartphones. In that matter, mobile apps will even take over mobile friendly websites in the upcoming years because it’s easier to navigate and more efficient to use.

What is Ad Inventory

Ad inventory has significant importance if a publisher wants to monetize his/her website online. So the question is, what is an ad inventory? And why it is necessary to make revenue out of it. Ad inventory is the number of advertisements or the number of ad space you have on your website so that advertisers who have similar and relevant items can advertise on your site. Ad inventory can be calculated differently regarding traffic or ad clicks that the website publisher can deliver to the advertisers.

Ad inventory


Ad inventory – Ad Space

Ad inventory

You have always seen random advertisements located on the top, bottom, or side of websites. The places that the advertisements are placed are called Ad space. More ad space you have, more money you can make from the advertisers because there will be more space for them to post their advertisements. Web pages can contain one or multiple ad display spaces, and the format of the space can vary.

Ad inventory – Page impressions

Ad inventory

Ad inventory is often calculated by the number of page impressions a website has. In other words, impressions are the number of clicks your page’s advertisements get thus the publisher can demand money from his/her Ad space from the advertisers.

Ad inventory – Ad Value

However, the calculation of ad value has countless complex variables. The possible ad value of your website is the page impressions multiplied by the average number of your ads on your web page. Your ad location is another variable that can effect on the value of your Ad spaces. Not all Ad spaces have similar rent values on your website, for example, banner Ads at the top of the pages cost more compared to side Ad spaces because the top page ads are always visible, and there is no need to scroll down to view it.

Ad inventory – ATF (Above the Fold)

The term above the fold (ATF) refers to the content of the website that is visible without further actions. The opposite of it is below the fold (BTF) when the area of site is visible after scrolling down. Statistics show that in some cases above the fold is more valuable and receives visitors’ attention. On the one hand, the portion located below the screen is sometimes ignored. But on the other, you can enrich your content on each page with keywords, thus increasing impact on SEO.

Here you saw the basis of Ad inventory and how it seems more complicated than it is perceived. For more information and expert training for DFP, contact our consultants.

What Is CPA and How Can Advertisers Benefit?

 “CPA, or cost per action, is the Holy Grail for targeted advertising.”

                                                               -Marissa Mayer, President and CEO, Yahoo

Over the last decades, the internet has become an important and main source for advertising. Online advertising took over the advertising medium and according to statistics only in US advertisers spend more than $31 billion on online advertising.


At the beginning of the online advertising technology, advertisers were mainly using the simplest pricing model called CPM or cost per thousands of impressions. This strategy means that advertisers pay a specific amount of money for every thousand displays of their advertisements. CPM became very popular after it was adopted by the Google-owned technology called DoubleClick.

Performance-based pricing

With the advances in online advertising technologies, advertisers and publishers started to use performance-based pricing. The first pricing model of performance-based pricing is CPC or cost per click. In this setting, advertisers are only paying if the viewers click on their advertisement. Leading companies like Google and Yahoo adopted this model as well,and it became popular rapidly.


Now, a new performance-based pricing is being introduced: CPA

This new model is called CPA or cost per action. Cost per action manages advertising payments when specific actions are taken. These actions include email sign-ups, downloads, purchases and much more. In other words, advisers pay every time a third-party click on his advertisement AND sign up for a trail of his product, download, register or purchase a product.

So, how is CPA beneficial for advertisers?

  • CPA is less risky!

The main advantage of cost per action pricing model is that it is less risky than any other online advertising model. Because advertisers pay only when a lead or a sale is made, it eliminates the chances that advertisers will waste money on advertisements that do not benefit the business.

  • No frauds!

Cost per action pricing model also completely removes the possibilities of getting involved in frauds. Nowadays, many auto-clicking software and tools are developed that flood pay per click schemes with frauds. However, with cost per action model, there are no chances of getting

  •  CPA ease the process of planning the budget!

 With CPA, advisers have freedom to choose how much they are willing to pay to publishers. Advisers can manage their budget based on their preferences and priorities. If it is important for advisers to have more subscribers, they might consider raising the price for every subscription. CPA enables advisers to manage each action this way!