New Research: Cross-Device Retargeting Launched By Google

New Research: Cross-Device Retargeting Launched By Google

Now that signed-in users are allowed to cross-device retargeting, new changes are still on the way. In a short while, advertisers will be allowed to reach the audience across different devices with Google Retargeting Campaigns.  Cross-device retargeting is an important development in the advertising world. cross-device retargeting

What is Cross-Device Retargeting and How does it Work?

Let’s now try to describe all the process of Cross-Device Retargeting in a simpler way focusing our explanation on examples. For example, if you visit an advertiser’s website on a mobile, the advertiser will not be able to retarget you as a user later on a desktop, unless you come to that website on a desktop. In such cases, you as a user get listed twice which increases the probability and frequency capping and negative list exclusion is set at the browser or mobile ID level on each device.

Now that we defined this let’s move on identifying the tools through which it works. This cookie-based technology that follows your audience on the web under cover  via using JavaScript codes. To break it down a little and make it even simpler here is how it operates.

cross-device retargetingYou set a small piece of code on your website that is not noticeable to your website users and/or visitors so that it does not ruin your website design or performance. Each time a brand new visitors come to your site the code drops a cookie; an anonymous browser cookie. Then, when those visitors of yours already fallen into the cookie trap browse the web, that cookie will allow retargeting provider to know exactly when to show ads, again, making sure that ads are presented only to the visitors who previously were there on your site. This is very effective and efficient since it focuses your ads on people who have already checked out your brand and have shown interest.

Retargeting is a phenomenal tool for branding and conversion optimization. This is that one tool that works exceptionally high if it is used as a part of a vaster digital strategy:

What does cross-device retargeting do and what it works the best

  • With inbound and outbound marketing
  • With demand generation
  • Strategies involving content marketing, AdWords

Even though retargeting can help you increase conversion, it cannot necessarily lead people to your site. Your key to success is using one or more tools to gain traffic and cross-device retargeting to make the best out of that traffic.

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