Ad Exchange vs Ad Sense

Ad Exchange vs Ad Sense

Ad Exchange vs Ad Sense 

Ad Exchange vs Ad Sense – Are you using Google Ad Sense to monetize the inventory on your website? Give us a second to present you a better option! More in detail Ad Sense vs Ad Exchange article will show you the pros and cons of the two major ad networks you are dealing with.


ad exchange vs ad sense

It is time to upgrade to Double Click Ad Exchange which is the upgraded version of Ad Sense and was built for big brand advertising and premium publishers only.

Therefore Ad Exchange is available for premium publishers with wide number of extraordinary users monthly.

Ad Exchange vs Ad Sense – Why is Ad Exchange so much better than AdSense? 

Ad Exchange has all the Ad Sense advertisers and MORE! Meaning – an additional pool of big brand advertisers. Better targeting technology and more optimization tools that monetize more optimally on a 24/7 basis. Your ad revenue will increase from 25% to 50% and MORE when publishers switch from Ad Sense vs Ad Exchange.

Ad Exchange is a component of Google display network. You can put your ads on websites that allow displaying Google ads. People who are allies and use Ad Exchange are the one who agree to provide space on the website for others to advertise their business. This is your key to finding out if there are relevant websites to have your ad running on. Moreover, Ad Exchange allows more ads running on the website, unlike Ad Sense where the number of ads being published is limited.

Ad Exchange vs Ad Sense

Your dreams Ad Exchange turns into goals!

  • Ad Exchange makes it easy for the buyers to quickly discover inventory opportunities
  • Make deals programmatically with Ad Exchange publishers through private auctions and preferred deals.
  • The network will discover, negotiate and seal your deals with publishers.
  • You can view inventory availability, other inventory characteristics like audience, content verticals and formats.
  • This and rich publisher profile data and MORE are derived from the Ad Exchange forecasting.
  • This gives a reliable and neutral measure of how the publisher’s inventory matches your buyer’s needs.
  • You can also filter and search by the variety of dimensions to find the right partner for your campaigns.


Remember, Ad buyers are going to need inventory and they are going to buy it through exchange. Ad buyers choose and pick the inventory deciding what best meets their needs and requirements. This is your key to reaching your customers; manage your inventory all the way to connecting third party platforms, ad networks, and agencies with large inventory.

Have the access to every demand source and optimize your revenue by monetizing the inventory you have and the opportunities you are seeking!

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