Types of Digital Ads That Every Marketer Should Know

Types of Digital Ads That Every Marketer Should Know

Digital Ads have forgone a significant advancement since their introduction. They have transformed to a type of art that marketers experiment with trough creative processes. Nowadays, there are three major types of digital ads that marketers are using to spread the awareness of their products.

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These are the types of Digital Ads that every digital marketer should know:

  • Concept Ads
  • Content Ads
  • Commerce Ads

Let’s first discuss what are the Concept Ads and what role do they play in digital advertisement

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Concept Ads are used to boost interest and drive awareness of the advertised products. They are the first thing that digital marketers do to engage consumers. They make the first impression of the product and are meant to be memorable and create the desire to purchase the product. The forms of concept ads can be various:

  • Pop-up ads
  • Videos
  • Commercials
  • Billboards

Based on studies conducted to measure the efficiency of the concept ads, the longer the ads are in view of the target audience the more efficient the brand lift will be. It is also shown that this way it is more likely for consumers to remember and recall the brand.

Another type of digital ads that every marketer should know is called content ads

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Content Ads are the continuation of the concept ads. Their primary role is to turn the interest generated by the concept ads into desire. Content ads help consumers to understand the product thoroughly by providing content that is easy to engage with. They are often delivered in

  • Stream of assets in a vertical ad format
  • Stream of content (social media like Facebook )

The effectiveness of content ads is measured by page views, social actions and the time consumers engage with it. However, to gain the best out of this ads, marketers usually pair content ads with other types of digital ads.

The last type of digital ads that every marketer should know is Commerce ads

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Commerce ads are the dominant ones in digital marketing. You will certain come across one while browsing the web. They are usually not so creative or engaging, but they offer specific content to the targeted audience. It is argued that commerce ads are the most effective types of digital ads, as their effectiveness is easy to see. The success of commerce ads are based on the amount of clicks that the ad received and the times the product was purchased.

It is hard to judge which type of digital ads is the most efficient one. It is also difficult to say which one the marketer should choose. However, the one thing is certain—the combination of concept ads, content ads and commerce ads is the beneficial solution.




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