Online Advertising with Banner Ads

Online Advertising with Banner Ads

What do you usually do when you see a banner ad? Do you click on it, or curse its inventor? But first we should ask how it is that we recognize it is a banner ad, and not something else. It is because this marketing tool appeared long ago, in autumn 1994, so enough time has passed to engrave its name forever in users’ minds.

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Banner ads are everywhere in the web…

Banner ads are everywhere in the web. They can be of any size, form, intention and behavior. They can be irritating, funny, annoying and efficient: all depends on how you view them. One thing is certain that they are a part of multi million marketing games all around the world and they help generate income.

Because of great competition banner ads nowadays must be very creative and interesting. The tendency currently is to make interactive banners where the users can also participate in some process and thus get engaged and, why not, follow the link the banner contains.

So by nature banners have two functions:

  1. Firstly they show some content, which in itself is an advertisement;
  2. secondly they can transfer the user to the desired destination, of course if the user clicks on the banner.

banner ads

And banners do want to be clicked. That’s why it was very customary for some banners in old times to contain a message like Click me, or you can’t click me which thus psychologically affected the users to click on the banner, something they otherwise hardly would do.

So the idea is that in order to be effective, banner creators must have some knowledge of psychology, and they do have usually. Nowadays they are many online banner creation websites and downloadable software through which making an ad banner became a matter of minutes. No special knowledge of graphics is needed as everything is made automatically.

Because the banners get hardly more attention than just a second glimpse, they need to be so catchy to gain the attention right away, that is not an easy task but professionals know how to do it. We know how to do it. So if you need a professionally made ad banner or a campaign, trust that work to us, we shall make it deliver what you need.


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