Advertisement Example – Mondelez Signs a Deal with Fox?

Advertisement Example – Mondelez Signs a Deal with Fox! Not the first time on the planet of digital marketing does the company initiate bargains with corresponding media platforms to contribute the innovative ad templates to curtail the commercial scramble. The new story is between Mondelez signing a deal with Fox Networks Group to found a more customer friendly advertising experience. advertisement example

Really on point advertisement example that evolved just to deliver the true message to the targeted audience.  Pervading its use of TrueX for Mondelez was part of the package deal. That was the advertising operations platform fox started working with in 2014 only, again, to engage audience. This allowed users to experience and engage with one ad at a time at the top of the program so that the latter can be followed by a more detailed content.

advertisement example

Advertisement Example – Why to overwhelm the user with numerous ads?

Why to overwhelm the user with numerous ads with overload of content when you can provide them with the one they are searching followed by the detailed description they will need. And this changes companies implement do not necessarily crack the media budget. The intended amounts are quite enough to cover the expenses. Where there is no fraud or it is limited and the focus is on selecting digital players where people are involved and are checking out the content this system will work just fine.advertisement example

Advertisement Example

…choosing the right partner to  do further deals with is very important if you are aiming the tops which you should…


In the world of constantly evolving digital marketing and mass media choosing the right partner to  do further deals with is very important if you are aiming the tops which you should. Accountability and transparency are essential when you are investing in digital marketing; you have to know people are interested in the content that is being put out there on your behalf promoting your product. Providing quality and premium content is where the investment should be made in.

advertisement example

Advertisement Example – Fox did preserve income!

Mondelez invested in cooperating with media platforms who work hard on engaging users who are not that easy to reach in terms of getting them engaged with commercials.

Fox did preserve income i.e. revenue while offering advanced consumer experience and decreased loads.

Reevaluating the State of Ad Servers (Part 1)

DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) having been the basis of our articles,Ad inventory we consider it important to once again touch
upon the subject of ad servers. Factually, DFP itself is an ad server. There are many other ad servers too but according to the degree of popularity DFP is the most highly required one.

Reevaluating the state of ad server as it is, the main aim of the ad serving systems has remained the same i.e. storage of ad information and its delivery to one or more websites.

Main Functions of Ad Servers

The functions that ad servers carry out are as follows: ad servers

  • Management of advertising space
  • Uploading of advertisements and rich media
  • Ad trafficking
  • Ad targeting – This implies behavioral targeting                               or contextual targeting
  • Generation of statistical report
  • Tracking ad displays
  • Tracking and counting ad clicks

Advanced Features of Ad Servers ad servers

Some other advanced features include:

  • Frequency capping i.e. setting a limit to the amount of times a user sees the content
  • Ad sequencing/surround sessions
  • Search Engine Optimization

The latter two points of the first list i.e. tracking ad displays and counting ad clicks are realized via the so called third party ad servers. However, reevaluating the state of the ad server, the unstoppable pace of technology growth has proved that the need for third party has been eliminated.

Types of Ad Serversad servers

Again coming to the point of reevaluating the state of the ad server, we consider it outdated to subdivide ad servers into publisher and third party ones because of the above mentioned reason.

Instead we differentiate between two other types of ad servers which are hosted and self-hosted ones.

The former implies that the ad server is run and preserved on the site of its owner company the latter are installed and maintained on the server of the publisher.

DFP is a hosted ad server.

How Google Created DoubleClick in March 2008?

How Google Created DoubleClick in March 2008? Want to know more? Keep on reading! 


To start with, here is a short definition for DoubleClick for Publishers: DFP is an ad serving platform that organizes the management of your ads, considering your demands, i.e. where you deliver ads: to websites, mobile webpages, mobile apps, games or a combination of them.

On February 22, 2010 a new project by Google was created…

On February 22, 2010 a new project by Google was created initially called Google Dart, now known as DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP). DFP is an advertisement software as a service application made for the assistance of publishers who have websites referring to their businesses and want to display quality advertisements on their websites for the further development and prosperity of their companies saving money, time and releasing themselves from a lot of painstaking troubles that they might get into or used to get into before the introduction of DFP.

DoubleClick is the highest quality ad server with a number of options designed to meet your demands…


If you have a website with high-quality content that is interesting, eye-catching and you can assure that advertising it will interest people and be of any use to them, then DFP is exactly for you. You will never regret using the services offered by DFP because it is the highest quality ad server with a number of options designed to meet your demands assuring you rise in revenue due to quality ad management.

Now let’s discuss DFP in a more detailed way presenting to your attention its core description, the way it works, all the opportunities and services that it offers and the advantages that you will get taking the risk and applying for the DFP ad server.

Google created DoubleClick in March 2008 and then in February 2010…doubleclick3

Google created DoubleClick in March 2008 and then in February 2010, as it was mentioned before, DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick for Publishers Small Business started out.

A subsidiary of Google aimed at developing and providing ad serving platforms, launched in February 1996, New York City, New York.

DFP Training – 19 Reasons to Get Registered Now!

DFP Training Description

DFP Training: DFP is an ad software designed to help Publishers increase their online business profit, and control the overall process of online advertising. One of the reasons why the priority is given to DFP is merely because DFP set up is free. But, although it is free, due to its multifunctional operating system DFP is complicated, and it requires a lot of time and efforts to figure out how DFP actually operates.

DFP Training

Here, DFP Training comes to help. This course is a key for those people who want to generate full-scale ad revenue and what’s more to optimize ad performance rates by using DFP.

Keep in mind, that DFP Training is intended not only for those who have basic knowledge about DFP but also for those who want to learn it. There is no age, gender, race limits or professional and other discriminations here. The key factor indispensable here is your wish to get into DFP Training.

DFP Training will give you a great opportunity to gain extensive knowledge of DFP and understand the main principles and tips of setting up and operating DFP. We offer you a course, which will give you more than you actually pay for it.

Learning objectives

DFP Training will help you to learn the basics of:

  1. Ad management
  2. How to sign up and get Google account for DFP
  3. How to register for Google AdSense
  4. How place up ads on your website and yield higher revenues
  5. How to sell your ads most proficiently
  6. How to control who can see your ads – target the preferred audience
  7. How to monitor the number of people of viewed and clicked on your ads
  8. How to make the ads appear precisely the way you intended
  9. How to navigate your orders
  10. How to navigate your inventory
  11. How to navigate your reports
  12. How to manage the level of your web trafficking
  13. How to manage your ad delivery
  14. How to improve and control your income rate
  15. How to run ads on your website
  16. How to burgeon your online business
  17. How to monetize each impression
  18. How to manage your dynamic allocation
  19. How to calculate your ad revenue

Our DFP Training is your first step to higher revenues. This course will provide you with all the knowledge that you need for your online business. Our DFP Experts will teach you all the techs and secrets of DFP mentioned above and the results will not make you wait long. DFP Training is designed in a way that allows individual approach to all of you. The main principle of our course is not just explaining the materials, but also making sure that each of the course participants understands everything clearly.

After DFP Training, you will be able to:DFP Training

  • Create your own accounts individually
  • Create your ad inventory
  • Efficiently manage your website’s ad trafficking, ad sells and ad delivery
  • Navigate your inventory, orders and reports
  • Maximize your revenues
  • Become rich
  • Make all your wishes come true


We guarantee the quality of our DFP Training. So, don’t hesitate, just pick up your phone, call us and register for our DFP Training right now.

Become a DFP Expert with us; maximize your ad revenue and let the money flow right into your pocket!




SEO: Steps to Get the Best out of Search Engines (part2)

In our previous post we were discussing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which helps increase traffic to your website based on the efficient keywords i.e. words and phrases that the website owners want to rank for and sites that link to your website (this is because Google considers that if a site links to your website, means it likes your website and finds it important).


In today’s post, we are going to show you the most important 5 steps to Get the Best out of Search Engines.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization combines the technical and creative elements meant for making your website’s rankings, visibility and relevance based on keywords much better and more popular among search engine users. Search Engine Optimization might sometimes be based on very simple aspects of your website such as its right and easy-to-understand structure.

Tips on How to use Search Engine Optimization / SEO

Here are some tips on how to use Search Engine Optimization / SEO and make your websites visible and important on search engines:

  1. First of all, your website needs to be properly structured and designedSEO Pyramid Showing Use Of Keywords Links And Optimizing
  2. Secondly, choose a relevant and interesting topic for your website
  3. Write the content of your website in a way so that it attracted the attention of its readers and made them want to read more
  4. Don’t forget about the keywords: Choose relevant keywords for your website which are ranked as most searched and write them in the important parts of your website content
  5. Links: Another thing to be remembered is getting quality links from relevant pages which mostly depends on the good quality of your website content

Make a high-standard website with significant content, use Search Engine Optimization following all the steps mentioned above and generate much traffic to your website both making it popular for the better ranking of your website and helping search engine users with useful information.

seoNote: If you can’t really understand how to use Search Engine Optimization properly, don’t worry, contacting Search Engine Optimization companies you will get access to hire Search Engine Optimizers who will help you in the development of the visibility of your website answering to all your questions and helping you with all the other difficulties that you might have. Choose a Search Engine Optimizer carefully and wisely so that you can get quality service.


Maximize your Website Traffic with Search Engine Optimization (part1)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what will help you increase your website traffic to your website based on the efficient keywords i.e. words and phrases that the website owners want to rank for and sites that link to your website (this is because Google considers that if a site links to your website, means it likes your website and finds it important). website traffic


Some other factors include: the time your website was created i.e. how old it is and the number of pages your website has. To give a short definition to Search Engine Optimization, we can say that it is the increase in the visibility and the traffic of your website due to the so-called organic i.e. non-paid, editorial or natural search results on search engines.

website trafficThe major search engines for Search Engine Optimization are considered Google, Yahoo and Bing. You can use social media to generate website traffic to your website however these major search engines remain the best and most efficient ways of gaining better traffic for your website. Searching on the above-mentioned search engines you will receive results and be guided to different websites, videos or other things you are looking for, first being shown those links which the search engine considers relevant to its users. The relevance is mainly decided according to the most searched keywords by people.

Search Engine Optimization companies have access to certain databases which allow you to learn about the most searched keywords and try to choose those which you can use for your website allowing people to see it if not the first, but, at least among the first links that search engine results show people traffic

Of course, choosing a keyword and using it in your website’s important parts is not enough to attract much website traffic, you also need to research those websites which also use the same keywords and check their strength, longevity, ranking on search engines because it won’t be easy to gain higher ranking over these sites which are, in other words, “more experienced”(to be continued…).

Google DFP – What is DFP?

Google DFP (Double Click for Publishers) is advertisement software run by Google as a service application. It is an ad server that helps different types of companies to rule their businesses from the online perspective by allowing publishers to sell ad space on the website more effectively and increase advertisement revenue and share in the market.

google dfp

DFP also provides a variety of tools for managing the sales process of online ads.  Google DFP as a foundation of a publisher’s digital advertising business enables to:

  • Effectively differentiate your inventory by the help of comprehensive targeting capabilities
  • Easily traffic a range of rich media campaigns
  • Decrease costs and saves staff time
  • Make adequate decisions with advanced forecasting and decision-support tools.
  • Amend campaign performance and create for clients superior value with granular reporting.
  • Get the largest return from your indirectly sold ad space with the DoubleClick Ad Exchange
  • Create a sustainable, high-class service organization that has industry-leading reliability, and flexible application program interface (API) for flawless and consistent integration.

Google DFP – DFP Small Business

google dfp

DFP serves for different publisher’s needs, thus comes in two different versions. DFP Small Business provides ad serving and management for growing publishers who prefer self-managed and ready-to-use ad management solution. DFP Small Business offers an absolute toolkit to easily sell ads directly to advertisers, with the help of developed such features as:

  • streamlined ad trafficking •    inventory management    •    revenue optimization•    granular reporting      •    advanced forecasting   •    ad delivery

DFP also helps publishers to get the maximum amount of money from selling inventory through partners like AdSense and Ad Networks. So, its main purpose is to ensure the greatest possible profit.

DFP vs. Other Ad Serversgoogle dfp

Google DFP has various advantages compared to other ad insertions

  • DFP requires fewer codes, and it is easier to maintain
  • DFP code once created can be used forever
  • DFP makes it possible to serve own promotion
  • DFP utilization enables publishers to rotate ads and banners
  • DFP does GEO targeting, by delivering content that will be more appropriate to the website visitors
  • DFP checks and compares impressions of other advertising companies
  • DFP implementation enables publishers to integrate Google AdSense in the ads and maximize the revenue


google dfp

BuzzFeed is an internet media company that focuses on digital media and digital technology in order to provide the best possible content. As BuzzFeed has grown very fast, and its advertisement impressions multiplied by an extremely high rate, dependability, creditability and power of DFP’s infrastructure has been crucial to company’s success. DFP has become a trusted platform for ad serving and inventory management. “Ad serving is one of the few things we outsource because Google’s DFP does it well,” explains Eric Harris, Buzzfeed’s Executive Vice President of Business Operations Eric. “DFP provides the scalability and reliability that enables us to focus on what we do best, and it gives us the credibility that comes with working with the industry leader.”

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

I am sure most of the internet users are familiar with Google, Yahoo, and Bing, which are search engines, that  are used to search for whatever people are looking for such as shoes, books, flight dates, and lots of other information. But if you’re a web page promoter and have contents for people to look up for it, you execute essential ways to reach your target audience.  You’re probably thinking now what is SEO ? Well SEO stands for search engine optimization which is the process of getting traffic on from free, editorial, and organic search results through search engines.

what is seo

However, if your content or web page is on search engines, it does not necessarily mean that your target audience will find your page easily since there is this one particular thing called ranking. If your page has high ranking, you will be more viewable to your target audience

What is SEO – types of SEO success elements

Not all SEO factors guarantee great SEO success if you have very poor content on your web page. As well as having an excellent HTML title and many links, would not help you increase your rank if your page content is poor. However, utilizing several key factors can increase your chance of success.

  • On-page success elements

This element is in total control of website’s publisher. It depends whether the publisher has good content on his website. If the website has good HTML indications that help search engines and users to determine relevancy.

  • Off-page success elements

This factor is the opposite of on-page success elements since the publisher does not have any control but instead, search engines have control of it.

  • SEO violations element

Publishers should always keep a close eye on not trying to trick search engines into trying making them believe the fake relevancy of their site. If search engines find out, that website’s ranking will fall unhesitantly.


what is seo


What is SEO – Content and Search Engine success

Content is the most important element in having a successful SEO ranking. So the first and most important thing you need to do to get your content right, and once you have done that, you have built a solid foundation in SEO. Moreover, High-quality contents ensure engagement with the consumer and help create high traffic to your website instantly. Once you have high traffic on your website, you can sign up for DFP Small Business that can generate revenues from ads getting placed on your website with the help of a highly experienced DFP Consultant.


What is SEO – Link Quality

what is seo

Link quality is essential in conquering spaces on search engines. What is SEO doing with this links? Well SEO picks the best links that are available in their search engine databases and place them in the first place of search results.


Build Relationship With Consumers Through Programmatic Advertising

Don’t ignore your consumer since it is proven that programmatic advertising and intent data can assist you perceive your consumer’s needs and build further relationships with them.

One of the most significant differences in the digital world is that companies should build a relationship with their consumers. Why? Because this helps the company for truly understand the consumers’ needs and deliver them the best service possible.

Most businesses have adopted the usage of social media to reach their audience, but programmatic advertising can be an effective tool to manage consumer relationships. After all, it’s always different what people say and what people want on social media, but programmatic advertising is here to predict adequately what consumers do.

Programmatic Advertising – What you need to hear

When businesses target consumers with irrelevant advertisings or follows them from sites to sites, it can effect on their relationship level with their consumers. Sometimes spending tons of effort on something that you think it may help you (such as irrelevant ads) can hurt severely on their outer picture.

programmatic advertising

However, by using a smart strategy, and a productive implementation platform that permits marketers to match high-fidelity data about the consumer with implementation around as many devices, creative formats and highly qualified publishers and applications as possible, programmatic advertising can be highly productive relationship building factor.

You know why? It’s because programmatic advertising allows brands to assemble and react against the intent signals consumers give off as they make their path around the web and, thanks to mobile devices, they help to make their way around the world.

Programmatic Advertising – Predict Consumers’ needs

programmatic advertising

Intent signals are the search data, demographic information, and purchase behavior and geolocation based data that assist brands in predicting what a certain consumer might need any time in the future.

The best thing about intent marketing is that it understand the difference between an individual searching for a printer three months after having been in the market to search for a rental office and that individual searching after browsing blogs about which perfume is best to wear for a valentines dinner.

Programmatic Advertising – What You Have to Take From This Article

Weakly targeted ads can most probably intersect with the right consumer, however, most of the time they would not. In the meantime, they will drive away their consumers. But when implementing programmatic advertising and intent data which focuses on building a healthy relationship with their consumers can encourage relevance and most importantly engagement.

What does Ad Operations mean

Ad Operations, in other words, online ad ops, Ad trafficker, ad ops manager, or digital operations, is the system that intends to sell and delivery of online advertising. More particularly, it is a work method that ensures the selling and targeting ads to the browsers.

ad operations

Online advertising or ad operations are a part of the advertising industry that takes care of electronic communication promotion and marketing techniques. This includes banner ads, rich media advertising, email retargeting, SEO, mobile device advertising and much more. These advertisements are the core form of revenue to the industries

So what is Ad Operations?

Ad operations is a section in digital content publisher, ad network, ad technology provider (such as DoubClick AdExchange). These functionalities especially DoubleClick AdExchange ensures thirty to fifty percent increase in revenues compared to Ad Sense. Through placement of ads on websites, publishers/website owner generate an enormous and rapid amount of revenues. Also similarly, one of the most important functions of ad operations is to complete the order of sale, i.e. ad campaign. These objectives can be completed through direct marketing executed by the advertisers. Therefore, ad operations team is responsible for generating revenues through hard working and handling these areas of online advertising.

ad operations

Ad operations team also as part of their job (if required), should be responsible for other functions as research, ad ops management, and most importantly pricing. Furthermore, they are also responsible for keeping ad networks and their ad servers or any other types of technology up-to-date in order to adapt and survive in the digital market world. It might seem to you that, ad operations team’s job is difficult and complicated, but wait! It gets more complicated when the ad operations team should take care of the ad buy that is purchased by the clients that want to run a certain amount of advertisement through insertion order.

More specifically, This can be consisted of different roles such as ad campaign managers, ad traffickers and much more. In addition, there are several roles that are not related to ad operations teams such as sales planners, sales engineers, and project managers. These roles fall under sales team.