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Best Features of Ad Networks that Increase Your Revenue

New to this industry you might wonder what exactly Ad networks can offer to BETTER monetize your inventory and increase your revenue. What are the best features of Ad Networks to accelerate the process and optimize the yield? These are the questions we have the answers to. All the efforts you put to promote your website and/or make your blog popular will pay off.

Best features of ad networks

Firstly, you can deal with various types of ads CPM – Cost per impression ads and CTR –Click through rate ads each having individual sets of benefits and restrictions. You can guess judging by the names that some ads pay for clicks, others pay for actual purchases. The number of clicks on a video is a source of generating revenue as well.

Best Features of Ad Networks. Hint #1

Now, if you have a large audience who constantly reads your content and the click through rate on your website is high, the ad networks that pay for impressions are quite beneficial for you.  Called CPM these ads reward you for every 1000 people that your website provides the ads with

.Best features of ad networks

Best Features of Ad Networks. Hint #2

For beginners in this business, you need to ensure there are no minimum traffic requirements. The key here is to enter the business no matter how small your view count is. This Ad Network will be your chance to start and change the network along the way if you feel the necessity.

Best Features of Ad Networks. Hint #3

If the Ad network gives you the choice to make profits both through CPM ads and RevShare ads this is a key to choose this particular Ad Network. Accordingly, your profit will grow sustainably with the increasing rate of your CPM ads.

Best Features of Ad Networks. Hint #4

RevShare (Revenue Share) ads are what you should be looking for in ad network features if you have a high CTR ad rate. A hint here would also the ad network publisher history; if the network provides service to publishers that are the leaders in their industries.

best features of ad networks

Best Features of Ad Networks. Hint #5

Does the Ad network you are examining have an option of evolving social media as an advertising tool simultaneously having popular CPM ad framework. Besides, your ad network has control over the kinds of ads appear on your website.

Best Features of Ad Networks. Hint #6

Last but not least, if the ad network uses rich media content that enables to customize ads to increase the performance of your ads both for desktop and mobile users you are looking at the right place. No matter how high your traffic rate is if the ads don’t look their best your efforts will go to waste.

To sum up keep in mind, most ad networks do the job, yet to make the best of it take into consideration the strong sides of your website; your view count and click through rate. The best features of Ad networks optimize your online business performance only when enhanced by the qualities your website has.

RTB Real Time Bidding in Advertising

RTB Real Time Bidding  in Advertising is a popular discussion topic thanks to its new approach to buying and selling of ad impressions. It is the process of valuing and bidding ad impressions in real time. The process takes place during milliseconds and is highly efficient. However, RTB Real Time Bidding  in Advertising requires 3 components to function.

RTB Real Time Bidding  in Advertising players are:

RTB Real Time Bidding  in Advertising – The Demand Side Platforms

This a platform that enables advertisers to purchase impressions. It is possible to buy impressions from a variety of publisher sites. Demand Side Platforms monitor this and also give an option for advertisers to customize their buying parameters. This allows advertisers to target specific users based on the information about browsing behavior or location. After, Demand Side Platforms automatically choose impression that is most relevant to advertisers.

rtb real time bidding in advertising

RTB Real Time Bidding  in Advertising – Supply Side Platforms

Supply side platform, also knows as sell-side platform or yield optimization platform, is a technology that enables publishers to manage the sales of their inventory and receive revenues. Supply side platform allows publishers to sell their ad impressions, whether it is mobile, video or display at the highest CMPs. Supply Side Platform provides inventory for the Real Time Bidding to take place. The major supply side platforms are DoubleClick for Publisher, AppNexus Publisher suite, OpenX, and much more.

rtb real time bidding in advertising

RTB Real Time Bidding  in Advertising –  The Ad Exchange 

This a software that brings publishers and advertisers together. It facilitates the purchase and display of inventory. Ad Exchange is where the actual auctions take place. Through Ad Exchange publishers no longer need to connect a limited number of sites to only one network. Ad Exchange generates a great demand which, of course, results higher rates. Same is true for advertisers as now they have abundant options to choose and bid from.   


So, how these components run RTB?

When a user opens a website, its information and details go to Supply Side Platform. After, it is sent to Ad Exchange when auction is formed. The bid information that is generated through Ad Exchange is then presented to Demand Side Platform. Based on the advertiser’s parameters and preferences, Demand Side Platform automatically decides whether the impression is relevant or not and places the bid accordingly.

  rtb real time bidding in advertising

Now, let’s discuss the benefits of Real Time Bidding

RTB Real  Time Bidding connects the demand and supply forces and generates the most beneficial result for both sides. Also, because Real Time Bidding completely removes the need of human interactions, there is no negative impact of negotiations and transparency problems. Market forces are the only drivers. Real Time Bidding also helps advisers to avoid buying impressions that are not relevant. It enables advertisers to directly connect with their target audiences.

Ad Exchange vs Ad Sense

Ad Exchange vs Ad Sense 

Ad Exchange vs Ad Sense – Are you using Google Ad Sense to monetize the inventory on your website? Give us a second to present you a better option! More in detail Ad Sense vs Ad Exchange article will show you the pros and cons of the two major ad networks you are dealing with.


ad exchange vs ad sense

It is time to upgrade to Double Click Ad Exchange which is the upgraded version of Ad Sense and was built for big brand advertising and premium publishers only.

Therefore Ad Exchange is available for premium publishers with wide number of extraordinary users monthly.

Ad Exchange vs Ad Sense – Why is Ad Exchange so much better than AdSense? 

Ad Exchange has all the Ad Sense advertisers and MORE! Meaning – an additional pool of big brand advertisers. Better targeting technology and more optimization tools that monetize more optimally on a 24/7 basis. Your ad revenue will increase from 25% to 50% and MORE when publishers switch from Ad Sense vs Ad Exchange.

Ad Exchange is a component of Google display network. You can put your ads on websites that allow displaying Google ads. People who are allies and use Ad Exchange are the one who agree to provide space on the website for others to advertise their business. This is your key to finding out if there are relevant websites to have your ad running on. Moreover, Ad Exchange allows more ads running on the website, unlike Ad Sense where the number of ads being published is limited.

Ad Exchange vs Ad Sense

Your dreams Ad Exchange turns into goals!

  • Ad Exchange makes it easy for the buyers to quickly discover inventory opportunities
  • Make deals programmatically with Ad Exchange publishers through private auctions and preferred deals.
  • The network will discover, negotiate and seal your deals with publishers.
  • You can view inventory availability, other inventory characteristics like audience, content verticals and formats.
  • This and rich publisher profile data and MORE are derived from the Ad Exchange forecasting.
  • This gives a reliable and neutral measure of how the publisher’s inventory matches your buyer’s needs.
  • You can also filter and search by the variety of dimensions to find the right partner for your campaigns.


Remember, Ad buyers are going to need inventory and they are going to buy it through exchange. Ad buyers choose and pick the inventory deciding what best meets their needs and requirements. This is your key to reaching your customers; manage your inventory all the way to connecting third party platforms, ad networks, and agencies with large inventory.

Have the access to every demand source and optimize your revenue by monetizing the inventory you have and the opportunities you are seeking!

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What is Viewable CPM Bidding?

Basically, viewable CPM bidding concept  means you pay only for those ad impressions which are measured as viewable. The ad is counted as viewable when 50 % of the ad is shown on screen for display ads one or more seconds. For video ads, the ad is counted as viable if it is shown on screen for two seconds or longer.

viewable cpm bidding

The most significant part of this viewable CPM bidding is that you pay only when your ad can be seen by your potential customers.

Note, the higher your CPM bid is, the more efficient you will win those valuable types of impressions. The best part of these valuable CPM bids is that it keeps your bids competitive and affects positively on your daily budget.

The viewable CPM bids are not available for ads that contain ads targeting mobile apps and ”Search Network only” campaigns.

Why is viewable CPM bidding effective?

There are three main motives why to use viewable CPM bids:

  • You pay only for those impressions which are measured as viewable
  • Your bids are optimized in a way that is in favor of ad slots. Thus, the ad slots are more likely to become viewable
  • If your main goal is to maximize your ad views rather than your ad clicks, then CPM viewable bidding strategy is your best choice

viewable cpm bidding

After choosing to use viewable CPM bidding strategy, you must know how to monitor your campaign. If you look in your campaign recording, you can see the number of viewable impressions there. If you want to know how many viewable impressions your ad received in a cost-per-thousand viewable impressions campaign, here is a useful guide for you. Just follow these steps:

  • First of all, on the Campaigns Ad groups, Ads, or Display Network tab, there is a Columns drop-down menu, click on it.
  • Then select Branding to add a pre-defined set of viewable CPM columns.
  • Then select ”Modify columns” and click the Performance metrics group in order to add specific active view. You need to click Add next to each column you wish to see in your reporting.

When you go back to your table, you can see the columns such as:

  • Active View Viewable Impression, which shows how many viewable impressions you have
  • Active view average CPM, which shows the average cost for 1000 viewable impression
  • Active view viewable CTR, which shows the frequency of people clicking on your ad
  • Active view measurable impression, which shows the measured number of impressions (not all impressions that are served can be measured)
  • Active view measurable impression/impressions, which shows the rate of impressions that were able to me measured over all served impressions.
  • Active view measurable cost, which shows the total cost of measured impressions
  • Active view viewable/measurable impressions, which shows the rate of impressions which became viewable over those impressions which were able to be measured.


What is CPM?

viewable cpm biddingCPM is a widely used concept among those who are familiar with the online advertising. It is the cost per thousand impressions – that is you earn certain amount of money for every thousand impressions.

In online advertising, there are other concepts as well; such as CPC, which is the cost per click or CPA, which is the cost per acquisition. We will talk about all these concepts in our next blogs, but today I want to introduce you the concept of the CPM and its core functions.
CPM is an online advertising model, which is used on websites. Advertisers pay for the number of times their advertisement is shown on the website, whether people click on it or not. Advertisers pay certain amount of money for per thousand impressions.

How CPM is calculated?

CPM is calculated by dividing the cost of the ad placements by the number of thousand impressions that it creates. For example, if your ad placement cost is $10, then every impression is worth $10/1000=$0,01.

Are those concepts difficult to understand?

viewable cpm bidding

Maybe, all those concepts seem difficult for you to understand, however if you want to start a business and work in the sphere where you need deep knowledge of these concepts, DFP expert offers you DFP Small Business course and DFP training, But if you need just a consultation, DFP expert again is ready to help you and answer your questions. We guarantee the best results in a short period.
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